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Stafford Rescue Victoria





Some of you might remember little Dixie who sadly had issues with fear and needed a special family to adopt her. Here is an update for everyone.

Hello Jan,

Well it's been a few weeks now so we thought we would update you on how Dixie is going. So far she seems to have settled in without any problems. She has put on quite a bit of weight and has lost the bodybuilding look, we have been feeding her breaky, lunch and dinner with lots of good quality food and that seems to have done the trick. I walk them everyday for around an hour and she really looks forward to that. She adores the kids, and seems to just love kids in general. Every morning she will wake the girls with a few kisses and loves to have a cuddle. She loves playing with Ned and follows him EVERYWHERE. When we take them for a run in the bush she doesn't leave his side and has to know everything he smells.

When visitors come she will go straight to the kids for a pat. She is vary of all people who come to visit, especially men but warms quickly to women and has started approaching my brother for a pat (cant have ned getting all those good pats) I don't expect she will ever readily except men in general but that we except. When out walking she doesn't seem to be bothered by strangers at all and will approach them for a pat.

We have only just started leaving her and Ned at home alone, but only for short periods as we don't trust her yet to not try an escape. At this time she doesn't seem to interested in getting out, so we are hoping by establishing a good routine of food and regular walks she will be content to wait our return. She is a chewer though and have already lost a few shoes to her but we think she is having a delayed puppyhood and will outgrow once she settles.

She is still quite "alert" and looking for danger, but is a lot more relaxed now. When she first came home she would bark at everything and she slept with one ear/eye open. But she now sleeps well and has lost the tension from her body.

We took them to the beach yesterday and they really had a wonderful time running, exploring and splashing around. She forgot her troubles for the day.

She is a truly lovely, gentle girl and she is a part of the family.

Thanks to all at Stafford Rescue,

Ryan and Tamara, Kaitlyn, Gracie, Luke and of course Ned and Dixie