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Stafford Rescue Victoria

Zac and Ziva


Zac and Ziva


Hi Jan

Just thought I'd give a quick update on Zac & Ziva.

They have settled in really well. Ziva has "her spot" on the couch between Rod's legs and no one else is allowed to sit there. Zac is a happy playful boy who is a real delight, yes ball obsessed but a real delight.

We have kept Zac's name - our Zac didn't want us to change it and it was a laugh when I'd call Zac and Zac would come and vice versa! Our Zac now gets Zac and dog Zac is Zacy.

I am happy to say they are really wonderful dogs. Good natured (although Ziva will let Zac know who is boss!) and a real delight to have around. They have settled into our family and the kids think they are great!

We have been in touch with the previous owner, the breeders of both Zac and Ziva (all facebook friends now lol) and it's been great to get baby pictures of them both.

A big thank you to Stafford Rescue for giving us this opportunity. We couldn't have afforded to buy two pure bred staffies so for us this has been a real gift!

Thanks again
Janette, Rod, Zac and Brittany