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Stafford Rescue Victoria





Hi Jan and Linda,

We can’t believe its been 4 years since we got Max. It has been a special time for Rod and I. He is a loving and wonderful boy with lots of character and wisdom about him.

Although he was an amazing dog from the beginning, it took him 2 years to truly settle and bond with us. It was amazing to see the sudden change in his attitude towards us, his “pack” and his ability to relax exactly on the 2 year mark.

He definitely thrives on lots of love, exercise, routine and discipline. He is truly spoilt with home cooked meatloaf in his special casserole dish which he knows from a mile off, his “dog cave” under the stairs where he can keep an eye on us with all his soft toys in tow, his beach house, his wetsuit, his glow ball, his life jacket to go paddling with us, holidays in pet friendly accommodation etc etc... Everyone that meets him ends up loving him. He is very partial to a tummy rub! He knows how to show off being good in front of everyone!! He is now greying around the muzzle about the same time Rod started to grey!

We thought we’d email you this letter and some photos of him over the last 4 years for your Staffy facebook, as suggested by Linda. I think its important to follow it up after such a length of time to show that happy endings are forever and it does take time for some of these staffies to settle.

Thank you to Staffy Rescue, particularly Linda and Jan. It takes very special people to keep doing the things you do. Without you, who knows what would have happened to our Max.

Have a great Christmas! Cheers Vanessa and Rod