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Stafford Rescue Victoria





Olly was a very expensive boy who had to endure a year of vet treatment. By the looks of the pics attached, Olly is one VERY happy and loved Stafford.

Hi Jan,

Its been a long time, but I remembered how much you wanted pics of Olly (Danny boy). If you don't remember, Olly was the expensive little guy who had a serious bout of demedex mange. He is going great guns now and we have you to thank for that.

As a bit of an update, Olly has nearly healed 100% but has some scaring, the vet said it was the worse case he has ever seen. He is still prone to skin irritations, but after some meds and a trip to the vet he is fine. His diet is really good, however we may have loved him to much with mince meat and now have orders to keep him on large kibble prescription food for his teeth.

Olly loves to play, cuddle and be energetic. He also loves balls. Not just any balls, other dogs balls. He is a thief... Hehe. Anyway. Thanks again for everything and you will be hearing from us soon as after an overseas trip, we are thinking about adopting again.

More pics coming...

Chris and Ilka.