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Stafford Rescue Victoria





Hi Jan

Some photos of our beautiful boy taken today down the river.  Max loves the water, which means Jamie and I are on constant alert and arguing over who goes in to get him!  So far so good, he hasn't gone out of his depth.

Max has settled in very well, he and Gemma get on famously.  Much as he wants to be friends with a cat, Nu is very disdainful and holds her ground so Max is giving her a lot of respect.  Max is a great way to get our son out of bed in the morning, after he has been woken up by a delighted bouncing Max leaping on his bed and licking his face vigorously, there is no chance of a peaceful snooze and gentle prolonged wake up.  He sleeps on the end of our bed and doesn't move but he is having nightmares so a reassuring pat and he settles down again, think it is all part of the changes he has been through. It is getting a bit crowded with Max, Gemma and the cat tho' …

I have cooked up a stockpot of organic mince, mixed diced vegies, rice, barley, pasta and a big spoonful of Vegemite.  I will give a cup of this each to Max and Gemma in the morning with their dry food, we were worried that his weight was dropping off a bit so started reading up on homemade dog food.  They are both getting a big 2 hour run every day if they aren't at work with Jamie, which means they are quiet and sleeping of an evening.

Thank you so much for letting us take Max into our home, he is a dear dear dog, hasn't a nasty bone in his body and it feels like he has always been a member of the family :)