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Stafford Rescue Victoria





Hard to believe it is 2 years since we met Hugo (ex Bomber) at Staffy Rescue. He is now 3, and has come such a long way. (I remember calling Jan the first few days worried that he was too crazy – 2 months previously we’d lost our beloved 15 year old girl, and were a bit out of touch with how full on younger dogs can be).


It took a couple of weeks of following SRV’s advice before Hugo started to feel settled, but with some discipline and lots of love he soon felt right at home. We have been taking him to training once a week for over 18 months now. He is in master class and can be off lead peacefully next to his 10 classmates – it really is a delight to see as we never thought we’d get to this stage (he used to pull badly and whine whenever he’d see another dog, not to mention try to play tug of war with my clothes – whilst I was in them).


See the photo – that is a pic from the RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk this year.


Thank you so much for the work you do, and for introducing us to our boy.

All the best Cheryl, Justin and Hugo.