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Stafford Rescue Victoria







Chops is still doing fine. We rotated holidays so he had company at home for three weeks. He now is fully settled in. He is an angel and is very smart. I think he understands English. He definitely likes a chat. He will even give a little bark at the door if he needs to get out for anything.


We go for a walk every day and are now letting him off to chase the ball at the park and he loves it. He is now very good with his recall.


Chops has made friends with our old stafford next door and they are very funny to watch play together. He is classic as he understands the word "walk" and goes nuts as soon as I say it before I get his lead. He understands heaps of commands and is heaps of fun to be around.


I can't believe he hasn't wrecked anything around the house (yet). If I have my fire going in the backyard I do have to share my wood with him to chew on. He is happy to sit around and have a cuddle and a pat. We are so lucky to have him in our family and he really does seem very very happy.


Cheers Jayce.