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Stafford Rescue Victoria





Let me tell you about our little Dudley, he has been with us now for one year and what a year this has been. Dudley is just five years old and as such is still a puppy in lots of ways.  He came to us via Jan, from a sad back ground, a family who could no longer keep him and he had been ill treated, which showed and is still raising its ugly head every now and then, although it is getting less.  He may still attack men in work clothes and boots, and doesn’t really like other dogs, but this is getting so much  better.

I took Dudley with us to the beach, he loved it so much that I thought he was going to swim to Tasmania.  He is also an avid gardener, amazing he knows just what I am digging and is such a help, with weeding I put them in the bucket he takes them out.

We have two cats Ginger Megs and King, he takes the long way round if they have to be passed, best to keep on the right side of them, should he come too close there is a lot of hissing and smacking, but who is first in should there be any cat left overs, loves cat biscuits.
I took Dud initially to a lot of people for his behaviour problems, and was told not to keep him, but when all is said and done, it is simply kindness and love that wins with perseverance.

Would I give him back not on your life.  Thanks Linda & Jan.